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Pond Construction

Let Us Build You Your Dream Pond!

Overland Excavation Inc. Builds Ponds of all sizes for Recreation, Fish Stocking, or as an Eye Catching Landscape Feature for Your Property. 


Proven Methods

From pre-construction soil exploration, to proper core trenching for dam construction, Overland Excavation has the knowledge and experience to build you a pond that LASTS!


Sizing and Designing your Pond

Overland Excavation tailors all of our pond designs around our customers requests. We specialize in natural shaped ponds that harmonize with your property's existing topography, leaving you with a stunning water feature that compliments your property perfectly.


Finishing Touches

Whether you're looking for a standard pond installation, or a finished landscape feature for your property, Overland Excavation has you covered.

We include fine grading, rock hounding and hydroseeding for a beautiful lawn installation around your new pond. We also install beautiful retaining walls and natural rock overflow channels to bring your new water feature to the next level!

Ponds in Your Community

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